Candy Clic Corporate membership offers our NFP partners the chance to tailor media content to meet the needs of their organisation, partners, and supporters; creating increased awareness and donations. Providing supporters with Video social media content in return for a donation offers the NFP a double benefit of the financial gift and increased visibility by being seen on their supporters’ social media platforms.

A dedicated team will work with your organisation to find the best way to upload & customise, produce, share, monetise, and monitor your media content all within your own White Labelled NFP Corporate Video Gallery.

What does a NFP / Charitable Member look like?

  • Has a need to increase the quality and quantity of Video content, to attract more views, name recognition, increase donations, awareness on your cause, and
  • Is an organisation such as:
    • Not for profit
    • Charity
    • National governing body
    • Government organisation or department
    • Service provider and support organisation
    • Collectives of likeminded activists
    • Faith organisations
    • Educator, webinar, tutorials
    • University endowment department
  • Wishes to provide its organisation members, partners and supporters with standardized content in return for a donation.
  • The content is customizable with the supporters’ corporate brand. The supporter receives Corporate Social Responsibility benefits, a tax deduction and also content for their social media. This in turn provides the double benefit to the NFP of a financial gift but also increased social media viewership of their brand and cause on their supporters’ social media.

The NFP Gallery

  • NFP members receive a white labelled Gallery, which can be branded and customised to match your corporate identity.
  • Control access by partners and clients via username and passwords.
  • Store your bespoke and customised content videos, which are available to be downloaded by the partners and clients into their own gallery or into social media.
  • Content:
    • Proprietary content can be provided at no charge to your clients /partners, or if they wish to place their branding on the video a small fee is chargeable.
    • Or provided for a small fee with an ecommerce facility.
    • Content from our Candy Clic library can be recommended in your gallery and offered at a discount to the Library rate.
    • Provide free or inexpensive video social media content to clients, for their social media.
    • Service provider and support organisation
    • Collectives of likeminded activists
    • Faith organisations
    • Educator, webinar, tutorials
    • University endowment department
  • Instant feedback for your marketing team with a conditional Thumbs up or down tab.

Benefits to bespoke content

  • Standardized brandable, content.
  • Offers partners and supporters content, and CSR benefits.
  • The quality and messaging would be high quality and consistent.
  • The solution would be cost effective for partners.
  • Partners and supporters can have their own static or animated branding applied to the media.
  • Content can be formatted to meet social media standards.
  • Charities can benefit from shared resources (They can produce and upload media which can be free, for a licence or re-shared)
  • Potential additional revenue stream for Corporate Member.
  • Option to have bespoke content produced for no fee, and profit-share with creator.


Live action or animated explainers:

  • USP
  • Appeals
  • About video
  • New service or achievement
  • Sector statistics
  • Market news, statistics, trends
  • Periodicals, weekly, monthly, quarterly or annual report publications
  • Stings: abbreviated versions of the above