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1. Is Video more effective than what I am doing for SEO, content and engagement at the moment?

Video is by far the most effective content organisations’ can use to promote their Brand. Clic’s, engagement, audience size, recognition, and all other factors around SEO and branding see a much greater ROI through the use of video than any other medium. Video is 7X more effective at garnering Clic’s than written or static content, and that it is 50X easier to have your page ranked on the first page of Google with a video than with text content!

Then why do most companies only use video for USP messages and new product advertising?

  • A. Cost: typical bespoke videos cost on around $1500 to $8000 and more.
  • B. Time: it takes four to sixteen weeks to produce a video.
  • C. Shelf life: the average video receives 75% of its views within the first 25 days!
  • D. Hassle: from finding and hiring an agency or freelancer, to script by committee, management of the project, poor execution a Content video is often not seen as worth the effort in terms of ROI.

2. So what does CandyClic do differently?

A few things. Firstly, our Library will store an ever expanding repository of pre-prepared Content videos. So instead of paying for a blog post, meme, article or share that will only bounce around in the echo chamber of your current audience you will be able to search our library for a video that will produce a positive association with your brand in those weeks when you don’t have a new product to highlight.

The video you select might be animated or live action, it might be specific to your sector such as How to sell your house, or What is Invoice financing, alternatively it might be wishing your audience a Happy Valentines or even a Video highlighting the good works of your favourite Charitable cause

Once you have selected a video or package of videos, you can add your logo and a static call to action if you wish and distribute them across your social network.

So we will offer a huge range of videos, it will be fast, convenient, customisable and brandable.

But what about price? Our videos will be up to 98% less expensive than bespoke videos, and the majority of them will only cost about 15% of the cost of a commissioned production.

3. What does royalty free mean?

  • Royalty free means you just need to pay for rights to use the Video once per end product. You don't need to pay additional or ongoing fees for each person who sees or uses it.
  • You can buy a content video and use it on your website, social media and in emails.
  • You can add an alternative Voice-Over, track or language.

4. Am I allowed to customize the Video that I purchased?

Yes. You can customize our Videos to fit your content needs within the options available to that video on our site. Over time our customisation features will expand. You may want to add a static call to action, render your logo onto the video, change the voice-over option, backing track or language.

5. What does non-exclusive mean?

Non-exclusive means that you are not the only person with access to the item. Others will also be licensing and using the same item. But don’t worry there are 16.6 million businesses in the USA, excluding all of the public organisations, the chances of another company choosing the same video and customising it in exactly the same way as you is pretty slim. Your bespoke videos showcasing your USP and new products will be unique.

6. Do I need an Extended License?

No. As part of our Beta launch, our videos are sold for Content purposes only. We intend extending the uses for the Videos in the future with the commensurate license.

7. Where can I use the Video?

You can make use of the Content Video you have licensed across your Social Media presence; website, LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram etc. However, it is NOT permissible to publish, display, or play any Videos sourced from CandyClic as part of a paid for event, traditional television or radio broadcast (e.g. terrestrial, cable or satellite TV, broadcast radio).

8. Can I produce customized versions of the Video for use to a large number of recipients?

No. Currently this is not permitted nor available, however, this feature is envisaged.

9. Can I repurpose the video footage?

No! Please refer to the terms covering Copyright in Customer Terms of Service.

10. I'm a business and want to talk to you about a new way to license or use items from CandyClic Market. Whom should I contact?

Contact us through Support and we'll put you in touch with the right people.

11. I'm a freelancer/agency. Can I use the item for an end product I'm doing for a client?

No. However, you can open a Creator account and initiate a collaboration with the original creator.

12. Is my license transferable?


13. Can I license an item and then use components from it, instead of using the entire item?


14. Are warranties offered on the items?

Yes. If a matter of fact is found to be erroneous CandyClic will refund your licence fee or have the Creator make appropriate corrections and replace the video.

15. The item I licensed was removed from CandyClic Library. What happens to my license?

Your license continues even if an item is removed from CandyClic Market.