CandyClic is a Library of complete but brandable Content videos, stocked by creatives like you.

Add a revenue stream to your business with CandyClic. Control your own workflow, create what you want to create and get paid for it. You may want to continue to work in your current role and produce a Content video in your spare time or you might see a niche topic and transition over time to producing Content videos full time.

Here at CandyCLic we want you to know that our Creators are our greatest asset, if you are successful then so will CandyClic.

Are you a

  • Creative agency
  • Freelance designer
  • Animator
  • Videographer
  • Voice over artist
  • Musician
  • Scriptwriter
  • Translator/narrator
  • Author/publisher
  • Cartoonist

Whether you are big multinational agency or are a self-employed voice-over artist, our Creative Workplace is where you need to be. Increase your income through those quiet periods, make the most of your production potential and create content videos that can be customised and used as content by clients all around the globe.

Soon you will be able to collaborate with agencies, freelancers and creatives located anywhere, add alternative elements to completed videos or form your own “Agency Collaborative” inside our Workplace.