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Complete, brandable content videos

Online content is a challenge for many organisations, keeping your brand relevant, recognisable and remembered can be expensive and confusing. Now video doesn’t need to be reserved just for new product marketing.

With CandyClic you can access, brand and download topical, high quality completed video content. No need to design, script, drag, drop, add a voiceover or source a backing track. Just do a few Clic’s and we’ll send it to you.

Video is 7X more effective than written content, so as our library expands maintaining your SEO, branding and engagement will become easier and easier.


A place where organisations can find our very best creators for bespoke Videos, no matter where in the world they are. Find creators by style, cost, location, language & schedule, or submit a proposal & wait for our creators to find you.

Video Library

Tired of resorting to less effective content because Video is expensive & takes time & resources to produce?

CandyClic will be growing a library of complete; animated & live-action videos ready for download & customisable with your Branding & more.

Corporates & Not for Profits

Sign up for your own Video Gallery, branded with your corporate identity.

You can store videos you have produced & videos approved by you from our library!

Allow partners, distributors & franchisees access to the Gallery where the videos can be shared for free, for a fee or in exchange for a donation.


For creators we are the place to be if you want to control your own work flow, have the freedom to use your own talent how you want to and collaborate with other creators to produce content videos that will provide you with an ongoing income.

Animators, videographers, writers, voice-over artists’ musicians, & translators Open a Creator Account, start projects, get ideas, upload your creations to the library and receive royalties.

Soon you will be able to collaborate with creators from around the globe, making it easier to produce money-making Content videos.

Who is it For ?

For Customers - Company’s, Organizations and SME’s.

Customizable content at a Clic:

Businesses and organisations can licence and download current, specific or filler Content in Video; the most effective medium for achieving your branding and engagement goals. Once selected, the video is then customized with your logo, call to action, voiceover choice and music soundtrack.

Browse, customise, Clic and collect:

Find quality, brandable content that you don’t have to wait months for. We’ll brand it for you and provide you with other options to make it unique and yours.

Free Content:

Try some of our Free to use videos or dive straight in and start engaging your clients, members and visitors with the most engaging and powerful Content media tool.

Browse: by sector, category, or budget and sign up to get Clic-ing.

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